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    Who is NEONSUN?

    We are adventurers, explorers, and athletes and what we wear is a reflection of our mental state, so we love bright, bold design. We’re also serious about our gear and demand quality, versatility, and function.

    The Problem We Found …

    The balance between active lifestyle and gear for good times are often at odds. A lot of our favorite colors, prints, and styles come on cheap stuff that couldn’t keep up with a good adventure, so we set out to fix the problem.

    The NEONSUN Mission

    Our mission is to create gear with the quality, versatility, and function of the best apparel and accessory brands in the world AND deliver the type of style that guarantees a great time.

    Behind the name and logo

    NEON is more than a color to us. It is a state of mind you choose when getting ready to have an awesome day. It’s the antithesis of going into the office. Neon + Sun combined are Southern California culture - a nod to the past and an attitude for the present. 

    The Gear

    We started by making hats for friends. Fast forward a few months of craziness where 2 olympians + a handful of professional athletes are rocking NEONSUN. We've been featured on ESPN as well as a run a successful kickstarter campaign for an ultra funtional towel that features sealed pockets and more. 

    NEONSUN Insiders

    Fundays are inherently social and so are we. Our customers are like our friends and we'll always do the brand equivalent of texting you back or telling you how awesome your new hair cut is even if it's a mullet (well, those are actually pretty cool).

    Join the club of NEONSUN Insiders through the form below and we'll send advance looks at new products, special insider deals, and fun content.

    Or, keep tabs on us through your social channel of choice.