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    Using Marketing To Score A Burrito At 10:30 AM

    Using Marketing To Score A Burrito At 10:30 AM

    The idea came at precisely 10:30am. You know, the time of day when you secretly want lunch, but know you’ll be judged by a cashier or a co-worker or your conscious. I formulated a plan and put on some pants.

    When the Chipotle guy informed me guacamole would be extra, I informed him the burrito was for a photo shoot. He started to put the spoon down, but I said, “Hold on, I still want the guac.”

    It was the quickest photoshoot of all time because I didn’t want to play the rare but dangerous game of having delicious juices leak out of one end of the foil only to flip it around and have them leak out the other end.

    After eating the burrito and taking a power nap to digest, I made a couple meme-esque photos to complete my master plan.

    I know this is a stretch, but my stomach had lead me to believe that Chipotle would be the perfect measuring stick for the Strandy. When rolled up, the towel is about the size of a burrito, only much lighter and a bit chewier. When unrolled, the Strandy has two pockets that are just big enough to fit the entire burrito. And, if the pockets can fit an entire burrito, I thought, imagine what else they can fit (a kitten, two mini burritos, etc).

    To round it out, I tagged Chipotle in an instagram post to let them know the Strandy is their friend. I waited for about 30 minutes with no reciprocation and then went to normal lunch with all the suckers.

    You can be the judge of how effective the Strandy/ Chipotle comparison is, but I’m ruling the campaign a success because the burrito was pretty good. And, the fact that Chipotle is playing hard to get just makes me want them more.

    You can pre-order now on Kickstarter. Just click here!

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    SX2 and NEONSUN Are Teaming Up

    SX2 and NEONSUN Are Teaming Up
    When we asked Sam and Sam what they looked for in gear they said, “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.” We knew this partnership was going to be like a buttery set on an open net.

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